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Reviews – Grateful Client

I was a person who had very little faith in myself. I knew the way I was living wasnt right. Phoenix Clinic showed me how to live life sober, & not just to deal with it, but be happy. The administration puts their heart & soul into every patient. They are very caring, respectful and […]

Reviews – Jasha

Dear, Fenix! Thank you! Thank you for everything you’ve come for me curing my 8 months spent here. You’ve gives me my life back.…

Reviews – Amanda Znukovksy

Drug rehabilitation in Israel

This place has saved my life, the instructors and administration pair their heart and soul into every patient here. I am very grateful for everything I learned while being here. This house has given me a second chance at life and has tought me that I can live and enjoy life without the use of […]

Drug rehabilitation comment: Dmitrii

Drug rehabilitation comment

Drug rehabilitation I would like to express my gratitude to the Phoenix Rehabilitation Center. It is thanks to this treatment center that i have been clean for over 6 months. I have been blessed win a new life clean, sober, and with a new perspective on everything. Never in my life have I been clean and sober for […]

Drug rehabilitation: Avi

Лечение наркомании в Израиле. Реабилитация в Израиле

My name is Avi and im a grateful recovering addict. I am very grateful for Phoenix Clinic. This place saved my life. When I came here i didn`t know how to live a sober life. This place taught me how to live. They gave me instruments on how to live a sober life. They even […]