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The rehabilitation center “Phoenix” offers therapeutic help, guaranteeing anonymity, discretion, and comfort, with the following dependencies and diseases:
• Gambling Addiction
• drug addiction
• alcoholism
• Hepatitis C

Drug addiction Treatment in Israel:
Use of Medication treatment to get rid of the withdrawal syndrome under the supervision of an expert in drug addiction, a psychiatrist-narcologist in a hospital. Detoxification of the body includes the removal of physical pain and a state of nervousness and anxiety.
Coding for drug addiction
Treatment and rehabilitation are aimed at the physical and psychological overcoming over drug addiction, the restoration of social skills and the return to life without drugs. We use the Californian “12-step treatment” system, which has proven effective.
We use:
1. Therapeutic groups supervised by professional counselors for substance abuse.
2. One on one session with the psychiatrist of the center.
3. Psychological support groups supervised by a psychologist, psychodramatic specialist, and art-therapy specialist.
4. Ambulatory psychological care.
5. Mutual Anonymous Drug-Addicts Society Help.

Alcohol addiction treatment in Israel
Treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholism require not only medical treatment but psychological support as well. It is impossible to treat alcohol addiction without psychological restoration.

Rehabilitation program of “Phoenix” center including:

• Alcohol intoxication reduction and withdrawal symptoms removal.
• Treatment of post-withdrawal period characterized by occasional cravings for alcohol, mood swings, different somatic and neural disorders.
• Stabilizing of alcohol remission, secondary disease prophylaxis.
• Coding for Alcoholism
• Antabuse injection
• Psychological counseling (individual, group, family)
• Groups of psychological support under the guidance of a psychologist – art therapy and psychodrama specialist

Treatment of gambling addiction in Israel
It can be said that gambling addiction does not have any obvious physical symptoms, such as from alcoholism or drug addiction.
Many people look at gambling and said that this helps to get rid of stress and the chance to improve their financial situation, without realizing they have become hostages of games, no longer paying attention to such consequences as the destruction of relationships, personal and social life.
The rehabilitation center “Phoenix” Uses techniques aimed at changing life priorities, to get rid of the attraction to the game.
• Personal meetings with the center psychologist
• Psychological support groups under the guidance of a psychologist – art therapy and psychodrama specialist.

Treatment of hepatitis C in Israel
The treatment is effective for all patients and does not cause side effects such as GI disorder, temperature, depression or weakness. “Phoenix” Rehabilitation Center offers an innovative and effective Hepatitis C treatment in Israel.
“Phoenix” Rehabilitation center located in Rishon LeZion, in Israel. Get help in it, can both residents of Israel, and tourists from different countries. For clarification of details: conditions of treatment, arrival, and residence, contact our center’s staff by phone or fill out the feedback form on our website.

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