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Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol Rehab Center

Alcohol rehab centers are designed to help you find long-term sobriety from one of the most common addictions in the world. Alcohol is a highly addictive substance. For many people, it’s a substance that leads to a host of physical, psychological, emotional, financial and relationship complications.

If you’ve ever asked yourself: “Do I need alcohol rehab?” — you probably do. To rehab alcohol requires a multi-pronged approach:

  • Medical detoxification
  • One-on-one psychological evaluation and counseling
  • Group dynamic projects and therapeutic programs
  • Ongoing support after alcoholic rehab is completed

Alcohol Detox vs. Rehab

Alcoholism is a condition that’s characterized by uncontrollable drinking. It leads to a host of problems, including needing more and more alcohol to feel the same effects. Whether you’re a binge drinker or a daily drinker, when your drinking affects your life and those of your loved ones, it’s time to check out alcohol rehab facilities.

At the best drug rehab overseas, you can expect to get both alcohol detox treatment and rehabilitation. Medically supervised detox is required because detoxing from alcohol can be life-threatening. Symptoms often begin as often as four hours after your last drink and continue to worsen. Physical effects include:

  • Tremors
  • Sweating
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Agitation
  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea
  • Seizures

What Is Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Once your withdrawal symptoms subside, alcohol rehab can begin. Rehab for alcoholics who’ve undergone detox in an alcoholic rehab clinic is an individual process with a program designed specifically to meet your needs. After thorough testing and interviews with a trained staff, your program includes elements of:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Your need for medications to treat other co-occurring conditions
  • Introductions to outside support, such as Alcoholics Anonymous groups
  • Relaxation techniques, such as the use of massage chairs
  • Emotional support in the form of art therapy, psychodrama and talk therapy
  • Structured days designed to keep you moving forward as you delve into your feelings and motivations

Outpatient alcohol rehab, on the other hand, doesn’t include the same close medically supervised detox or medical interventions for other mental health issues. You can detox at a hospital or risk going cold turkey at home, but when you enter an outpatient rehab for alcoholics, you get:

  • Personal and group therapies
  • Suggestions to attend other support groups
  • Monitoring for law enforcement purposes
  • Job placement assistance
  • Housing assistance
  • Family counselling

The best alcohol rehab centers provide continued support after you complete the program. Both outpatient and inpatient alcohol rehab centers may provide support to prevent relapses, but typically only the top drug rehab clinics include follow-up relapse prevention services.

What Happens During Alcohol Rehab?

During alcoholic rehab, once you’ve gone through the detox process, you’ll be introduced to your counselors, many of whom are recovering alcoholics themselves. Other staff members at the best alcohol rehab centers are familiar with the types of problems you may encounter and understand your desire to:

  • Reconnect with your family
  • Save or get back your job or career
  • Get your finances in order
  • Make restitution and/or amends for your mistakes
  • Build your self-esteem
  • Feel comfortable in a world where drinking is socially acceptable
  • Become comfortable in 12-step meetings

As you undergo the various program tools and techniques that have been prescribed for your alcoholic rehab, you also work on a plan to continue your recovery once you leave the alcohol rehab facilities. The best rehab clinics abroad don’t even let you leave unless you have a clear plan for retaining your sobriety and continuing to work on the issues that may have led to your over-indulgences in the first place.

What to Expect After Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol recovery without the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and without the fellowship of AA is much more difficult than it has to be. For the price of attending hour-long meetings a couple times a week, you receive:

  • A sponsor who commits to working privately with you and who agrees to be there whenever you feel the need
  • A group of fellow recovering alcoholics willing to share their experience, strength and hope with you
  • A proven plan to stay sober that has worked in the lives of millions of alcoholics
  • A worldwide fellowship with welcoming meetings everywhere
  • A connection with like-minded people with whom you can socialize, travel and enjoy sober living

The investment is virtually free too, since meetings are supported by a basket that’s passed around. Compared to the cost of inpatient alcohol rehab — which ranges from $2,000 to $25,000 and from zero to $10,000 for outpatient alcoholic rehab — the cost of attending meetings is negligible. And the rewards are immeasurable.

Alcohol rehab without insurance may be difficult for you to manage, which is why the best drug rehab center in Europe usually work with you to determine your basic needs, which may range from seven days to 90 days or more. You may be able to work out payment plans or take out a loan to pay for the best alcohol rehab centers. However you pay for it, the benefits you reap outweigh any measurable costs.

Alcohol Rehab for Alcoholics with Special Needs

Whether you’re looking for an alcohol rehab for young adults, an alcohol rehab for couples or a rehab for alcoholics with special physical needs, you can find facilities that target your specific population. In fact, the best international rehab ensures that your well-being comes first, even if they decide to refer you to another facility.

You must have other people with whom you can identify for the best chance at long-term recovery from the disease of alcoholism. And that includes staff members with whom you can relate and other residents who share your struggles. Your health and safety are most important when it comes to rehab for alcoholics, so don’t give up hope — help is only a phone call away!

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