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Drug rehabilitation comment: Dmitrii

Лечение наркомании в Израиле. Реабилитация в Израиле

Drug rehabilitation

I would like to express my gratitude to the Phoenix Rehabilitation Center.

It is thanks to this treatment center that i have been clean for over 6 months.

I have been blessed win a new life clean, sober, and with a new perspective on everything.
Never in my life have I been clean and sober for this long of a period of time.

I have conducted very serious work on myself at this center, and I have grown as a person spirituality and emotionally.

I believe that this center has saved my life, both from the slavery of drug addiction and enslavement of oneself by the disease itself.

Thank you to the owners and administration of the Phoenix Center.

Finally, a rehabilitation center was able to motivate me to get clean to stay clean, work on myself as a person, and participate in my own reality miracles do happen, especially here in the Holy Land.


Sincerely, Dmitri


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