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Alcohol addiction treatment in Israel

Alcohol addiction – is not simply a bad habit, alcohol addiction – is a disease. To have a happy and comfortable life it is vital to treat alcoholism just like any other addiction!

‘Phoenix’ drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation center in Israel helps the discouraged to gain the hope for a happy life again and get rid of this terrible disease – alcoholism.

Physical crave for alcohol removal – is just the small step towards the healing, for alcohol addiction is, in the first place, a psychological disease, and to fight it on a psychological level is twice as hard.


Stages of alcohol addiction:

Nowadays alcoholism is treated quite effectively. With the right treatment and individual approach that is used at ‘Phoenix’ center 85 out of 100 of alcohol addicts can stop consuming alcohol.


Treatment and rehabilitation at “Phoenix’ center includes several steps:

Treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholism require not only medical treatment, but psychological support as well. It is impossible to treat alcohol addiction without psychological restoration.


There’s a possibility for a drug abuse specialist to come in to patient’s residence by request. Domiciliary withdrawal syndrome removal and following stabilizing of alcohol remission.


Alcoholism treatment in Israel.

‘Phoenix’ alcoholism rehabilitation center in Israel has been successfully helping people with alcohol addiction for a long time.

Patients get psychological counseling and support from professional experts. ‘Phoenix’ alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation center in Israel guarantees complete discretion.

When you feel like you lost it all, call ‘Phoenix’ alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation center in Israel, and our specialists will help you feel the joy of life without alcohol again!

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