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Drug Addiction Treatment in Israel

Drug addiction is not a simplistic condition. The fact is that addiction is a complex disease involving a number of physical, emotional, and mental factors. While some people assume that treating addiction requires nothing more than going through a withdrawal period, there’s a lot more to the treatment process.

That’s where the support offered at Phoenix Rehabilitation Center comes in. At our facility, it’s not just about supporting a patient through the initial withdrawal phase. Our goal is to help each patient deal with all the varying sides of addiction. That includes the physical, the psychological and the interpersonal sides, among others.

Our Experience With Providing Effective Drug Addiction Treatment in Israel

Our Phoenix drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center in Israel has a strong record of success when it comes to helping patients. While not underestimating the importance of patient dedication to regaining control and keeping the addiction at bay, the methods that we employ have successfully paved the way for patients and their loved ones to move past today and enjoy a better tomorrow.

For that reason, we pay close attention to helping patients change outlooks and attitudes. We equip patients with skills that help them to assimilate into normal lives once again. Our work is based on the revitalization of the whole person, not just helping patients wean off dangerous drugs.

One of the reasons our drug addiction treatment process has such a high success rate is the individual attention our staff provides to each patient. We understand that no two situations are exactly alike. Keeping that in mind, we assess the condition of the patient, develop a plan for treatment, and adjust that plan based on what’s in the best interests of that patient. While there will be days when things seem more difficult, our approach to drug addiction treatment in Israel yields results that allow our patients to once again live their lives free of addiction.

The Underlying Purposes Of Our Drug Addiction Treatment Program at Phoenix

When patients turn to us, we have specific goals in mind. While the specifics of the approach may vary, all these purposes guide the treatment process:

* Helping patients recognize the severity of their addictions, along with the damage and consequences those addictions involve.

* Defusing the addiction and regaining stability. That includes preparing to return to a life that was once lost and knowing how to control that renewed life.

* Encouraging personal growth. We help patients recreate themselves, essentially recapturing their pre-addiction selves. Along the way, patients rediscover themselves, including understanding their strengths as well as their flaws. They also develop a better idea of what changes they must make and receive support in making those changes.

*Learning the essentials of the Twelve-Step process and what they mean to future sobriety. That includes understanding how each step applies to emotional as well as physical well being.

*Preparing for a return to society. The training enables the patient to regain lost social skills, develop coping mechanisms that minimize the potential for falling back into old habits, and fully integrating back into society.

Elements That We Include In Our Drug Addiction Treatment Planning

Throughout the withdrawal and recovery process, our team of professionals employ a number of strategies. Each one is designed to support some aspect of the drug addiction treatment initiative. All of our efforts are supervised by professionals with experience in substance dependency. Here are some examples of what we provide during your rehabilitation effort:

A. Group Psychodramatic Therapy Sessions

One of the primary functions of group psychodramatic therapy sessions is to make use of acting and other theatrical activities to create a safe environment for expressing what’s going on inside. With the aid of professional art-therapy specialists, the sessions become times when it’s possible for patients to convey the many mixed emotions that come into play.

What happens during the sessions? Patients are able to connect with themselves and each other by sharing thoughts and emotions by using short dramatic skits and readings. The sharing with one another often leads to greater levels of self-discovery. Many patients find it easier to identify with one another in this type of setting. The result is an increased ability to feel compassion for others and for the self.

B. Art Therapy Group Sessions

Theater is only one form of art that has a place in drug addiction treatment at Phoenix. Patients have the opportunity to express themselves through the use of painting or possibly engaging in crafts like pottery. Some may find that they are able to connect with themselves and others through writing poetry or creating music. As with the theater group therapy, every type of art therapy is conducted under the care of one or more of our professionals.

C. Collaborative As Well As Individual Art Therapy

While some art therapy sessions focus on people coming together to engage in art individually, other sessions provide the chance to work with others on a common artistic endeavor. Two or more patients may collaborate on creating the music and lyrics as a way to express themselves. Several patients may come together to write and present a short skit to the group at large. Some may work together to create a collection of crafts around a common theme.

The idea behind the collaborative effort is to promote trust in others as well as the self. This approach also provides a safe environment for practicing life skills that make it easier to work with others. As the sessions progress, patients gain insights into their personalities, characters, skill sets, and possibly discover new interests or inherent talents they want to pursue in the future.

D. One On One Time With A Psychologist

The road to overcoming addiction includes the need to speak freely in the presence of someone who understands what has happened. Time spent alone with a psychologist provides a safe environment for discussing all life-issues related to the patient. This is important, since there are likely some aspects of the past or the present that the patient does not wish to share in a group setting.

During those individual sessions, the patient may come to recognize facts about the past that help to bring the causes for the addiction into a clearer light. This paves the way for facing and effectively dealing with each of those issues. The process also takes away the power of the addiction and enables the patient to move forward with a new way of thinking.

A lot can come from those individual sessions. Patients learn more about themselves and their motives. They learn to let go and forgive others who they believe contributed to their addiction. They begin to recover a sense of self-worth and determine that they can successfully complete the drug addiction treatment. In many ways, those individual sessions help patients learn to love themselves again.

E. Individual and Group Sessions With a Social Psychologist

Social psychologists provide additional support in group as well as individual sessions. The aim of this part of the therapy is to achieve several important goals. They include:

* Helping the patient begin the journey back into society while still in a protected setting.

* Provide a fresh introduction to the basic rules of living in a society, including how to react in certain types of social situations.

* Assist patients in rediscovering how to initiate social appropriate social activity once the rehabilitation is completed.

* Identify certain life situations and brainstorm ways to find the right solutions.

* Aid patients in developing goals and resolutions for the years ahead.

* Support patients with the right kind of medical and drug addiction treatment during their stays.

Creating the Right Environment For The Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction causes a great deal of physical, emotional, and mental damage. The right environment provides a setting for undoing that damage. At Phoenix Rehabilitation Center, we create that environment by making sure each patient enjoys the following:

* Effective management of physical and emotional pain during the withdrawal phase.

* Providing a comfortable and inviting place to call home for the duration of the stay.

* Careful attention to confidentiality. That includes full anonymity.

* Supervised tourist trips within the country. Patients have the opportunity to visit the Dead Sea, tour modern and historic Jerusalem, and explore other wonders of the North of Israel.

* For Israeli citizens, there is help in securing employment once the rehabilitation is completed.

Throughout every stage of the drug addiction treatment, our team of Phoenix clinical experts are on hand to provide information, direction, structure, physical and emotional support, and encouragement to everyone concerned. That includes loved ones as well as patients. The ultimate goal never wavers: it’s always to restore the addict and also promote healing among family and friends.

Our promise of discretion is not limited to our patients. The same is true for loved ones who choose to remain nearby as patients go through our drug addiction treatment program. The confidentiality of all parties is observed from start to finish.

Are you or someone you love living with an addiction? Has the addict reached a state where he or she is ready to admit there’s a problem and wants to make changes? The team at our Phoenix drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation center in Israel stands ready to help. Give yourself a true gift and get on the road to regaining control of your life. We’re here to be a part of your return to hope and the fresh start that you seek.


Drug Addiction Treatment Center“Thank you for being. Thank you for saving and helping our children.”

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