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Methadone Addiction Treatment

Methadone Addiction Treatment

Methadone, a synthetic opioid, is chemically different from morphine and heroin, but has similar effects on the brain. Technically speaking, it’s a narcotic agonist-analgesic of opiate receptors, which means that it inhibits the ascending pain pathway, altering your perception of, and response to, pain.

It’s used as a pain reliever, and until recently, it’s been the number one drug to ease people off of addictions to substances like heroin, morphine, and other opiates. It reduces withdrawal symptoms, blocks cravings, and lasts much longer in the body. It acts on the opiate receptors in the brain, but doesn’t give the same high levels of euphoria.

The Problem with Methadone

Unfortunately, methadone also has tolerance-building, addictive properties and can cause a high level of dependence if used incorrectly. So, the medication used to relieve symptoms of opiate addiction has addictive properties itself. It’s been said that it can be harder to beat methadone dependence than dependence on other drugs.

If you or a loved one needs help with methadone dependence or addiction, let one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Europe help you overcome it. Whether you had it prescribed for chronic pain or as treatment for another addiction, methadone addiction treatment is available to you at the drug rehab with the highest success rate.

Because it works so well for addiction, it’s been used in many rehab centers. But that means it’s easily available and liable to be abused. Because it lasts so much longer in the blood, doses are needed less frequently. But the danger is that users can take too much and overdose as a result.

Symptoms to Watch For

Methadone is available by prescription only and most insurance plans don’t cover it, so patients often go to addiction centers to get the drug. It’s important to know the difference between the side effects of methadone and the side effects of methadone withdrawal. The symptoms of methadone use include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Constipation
  • Pain relief
  • Euphoria

The symptoms of withdrawal are generally the opposite, so watch out for them. Also, look for symptoms of overdose as methadone can cause severe respiratory distress. Both include:

  • Methadone withdrawal:
    • Insomnia
    • Diarrhea
    • Muscle aches
    • Cramping
    • Return of pain from previous injury
    • Anxiety
    • Constant cravings
  • Methadone overdose:
    • Lack of responsiveness
    • Respiratory distress
    • Confusion or disorientation
    • Drowsiness or weakness
    • Cold, clammy skin
    • Weak pulse
    • Nausea or vomiting

A Thin Line

It’s difficult to know the difference between dependence and addiction or “substance abuse disorder.” Some people are also very good at masking early stages of addiction. Dependence is the physical need for a substance, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem. A person can be dependent on certain drugs to stay pain-free or keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. Withdrawal symptoms and tolerance are a part of dependence.

If you experience or observe someone who acts irrationally to obtain methadone, they might have a mental methadone dependence. Both a physical and mental dependence lead to addiction. Addiction occurs when continuous abuse of a drug leads to a biochemical change in the brain — so it only works properly when the substance is present.

The Hard Part

It’s difficult to get over an addiction by yourself. The best drug detox abroad provides a safe space for anyone dealing with substance abuse. Physical dependence can be eliminated in two ways: tapering the dose of methadone or switching to other medications like buprenorphine. Psychiatric medication can also help to stabilize this process.

Methadone addiction treatment centers focus on not only the medical detox to eliminate the physical dependence, but also a comprehensive therapy to deal with the mental dependence. The best international rehab for methadone addiction treatment focuses on why the addiction started in the first place to get you back on track. Finding the triggers or the conditioned response to an emotion or event that causes you to turn to a substance is one of the most important steps. Other steps include:

  • Learning to avoid triggers
  • Finding coping methods
  • Learning to deal with stress and stressful situations

The best drug rehab in Europe helps correct the changes that have occurred in your brain from addiction. They treat methadone dependence as what it is: a disease. Methadone addiction treatment centers work to teach you a new way of life. You learn how to manage your addiction, practice the 12 steps of recovery and seek additional help when you feel the need.

Going the Extra Mile

It doesn’t stop with addiction. Certain associated disorders can affect the rehabilitation process and can also cause you to want to self-medicate. You may start changing doses or turning to alcohol, marijuana, pain killers, or even cocaine if you don’t deal with the source of your discomfort. The problems that occur simultaneously with addiction often include:

  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder

To ensure success, the best drug rehab overseas focuses on you and works to eliminate both your physical and psychological dependence. This is a difficult process, but the dedicated professionals at methadone addiction treatment centers are with you every step of the way.

Make the Change

The process may not be easy, but the best rehab clinics abroad make it as simple as possible. They can answer all your questions and tell you about the program. They take a detailed history and then create a customized plan that generally lasts 30 to 90 days, which includes medical detox, counseling and medications.

They’ll always keep your information confidential. They’ll always make sure you’re comfortable. Most importantly, they’ll make sure you don’t go through this alone. Methadone addiction treatment is the best course to get your life back.

Everyone deserves a chance to get better. Everyone deserves the chance to change their lives. The best drug detox abroad is your chance to make a difference in the lives of people you care about most.

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