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Drug Recovery Aftercare

Drug Recovery Aftercare

Once you’ve gone through treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction at the best drug rehab overseas, you may wonder what your next move involves. It may be terrifying at first to even consider returning to the lifestyle you left behind before you entered rehab. It may not even be safe where you formerly lived.

If you know the people you lived with are still abusing drugs, you may find it even more difficult to stay clean and stick to the recovery plan you made while in one of the best drug rehab centers in Europe. On the other hand, perhaps there isn’t anyone left at home and the thought of returning to an empty house is overwhelming.

Drug Recovery Aftercare

You can stop worrying. The staff at Phoenix Rehabilitation Center in Israel has a solution — one of two hostels designed specifically for recovering addicts and alcoholics new to the sober life. There, you have a place to live that’s safe, affordable and on the continuum of care for treatment.

A Bridge Back to Life

The purpose of the hostel associated with Phoenix Center is to provide you with a bridge — what’s often referred to as a “halfway house” — to allow you to integrate slowly back into society on your own. Addiction treatment aftercare for medical tourists  may require an extension on your visa, but the staff at Phoenix can help you with that.

Whether you travel to Israel for treatment at a drug rehab with the highest success rate, or you’re from the local area, you can choose between two hostels in Israel that offer:

  • All the amenities of home
  • Roommates with similar lifestyle choices
  • Professional counselling available 24/7, if you need it
  • Support from others trying to live a clean and sober life
  • A chance to develop new social skills
  • Time and a comfortable home from which you can look for work
  • Help dealing with court cases, debts and other possible legal problems

A No-Judgement Zone

The hostels allow you to leave the best drug detox abroad and move into a place where you can live independently and work responsibly. The hostels provide you a support system where you can lean on the strength of others. Professionals who are experts in the field of substance abuse treatment, along with your new friends, share your success and rely on you when they need help too.

Since everyone who lives in the halfway house shares a similar past, there’s no judgement, only encouragement. In the hostels, like in the best drug rehabilitation centers in Europe, you’ll live, work and recover with others who share addiction issues to a variety of substances, including:

Sharing Goes a Long Way

You’ll share the challenges and stories of your newfound freedom from the crippling effects of drug addiction that you found at the best drug rehab in Europe. Alcoholics who came through a harrowing experience detoxing from the drug share their relief at having a second chance.

Drugs and alcohol are common enemies to you and the former addicts and alcoholics in the hostel. Together, you keep each other strong. In addition to sharing your experiences in rehab by not drinking, you understand the struggles that you each went through — both physically and mentally — as you overcame detox from:

More Commonalities than Differences

The disease of addiction does not discriminate. It equally affects people of every nationality, every race, every creed and every color. It has no respect for your religion or your career, your financial status, your age, sexual preference or profession. Addiction is an equal opportunity disease.

You learn how to interact with people of all different backgrounds when you go to the best international rehab. That education continues when you move into one of the hostels affiliated with Phoenix Center. In treatment, you were introduced to the support available in the community and in communities all over the world: 12-step fellowships. While you live in the hostel, you can venture out to the various Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings with your roommates and increase your comfort level of socialization even more.

Relapse Prevention on the Road of Recovery

Relapse back into using your drug of choice is a very real and present danger for every addict and alcoholic who leaves treatment, even when you’ve received treatment at a top drug rehab clinic. Relapse remains a danger that you must always be wary of.

With the tools you receive in treatment and the self-knowledge you gleaned from your stay at one of the best rehab clinics abroad, you can prevent relapse. And the relationships you build in treatment and in aftercare provide just one more layer of protection from the disease of addiction. Your former life can be arrested one day at time through constant vigilance of your thinking, your behavior and your motivations. Your new friends play a huge role too — when you let them.

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