Attention – Tropicamide is a drug!

It’s no secret that today you can easily buy some medical drugs that are used for treatment from the pharmacy.
After a wave of interest in a certain drug, they become blacklisted, get off the counter, and sold only with a prescription.
Over time, new drugs arrive and the situation repeats itself over and over again.

Attention – Tropicamide!


Tropicamide is a harmless medicine that is used in the diagnosis of eye diseases.
It is Harmless only so long as the patient stops using it to expand the pupil (so that no one sees the use of the narrowed pupil) and becomes dangerous when the patient starts injecting tropicamide intravenously.


Dependence on tropicamide develops after several injections, each dose of tropicamide might be the last.
First of all, the addict begins to be afraid of daylight, which causes pain, he experiences immediate vision loss, blood vessels suffer greatly, blood clots appear on the site of the vascular lesion and due to a lack of blood circulation in the tissues, rotting processes begin.
Nevertheless, there are methods for purifying and restoring the body after using the tropicamide drug.

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