Drug rehabilitation: Avi

My name is Avi and im a grateful recovering addict.

I am very grateful for Phoenix Clinic.

This place saved my life.

When I came here i didn`t know how to live a sober life.

This place taught me how to live.
They gave me instruments on how to live a sober life.

They even took me on vacations all around Israel and showed that ever when I go on vacation I don`t have to get drunk or user drugs to have a good time.

Now I have a whole different perspective on life.

I enjoy the little things in life now and I appreciate them for example-waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirp and sing never gave me any satisfaction.

Now when I wake up and here the birds in the morning if puts a smile on my face.

I also love the fact that I coold wake up in the morning without withdrawals and not having the urge to use drugs.

Every morning when I wake up yell that I am Grateful for another Clean day and I am Grateful that I came to this Rehab.

This place also taught me discipline I wake up and do my bed the second I get out of bed, and I keep my room and the house I live in clean.

If it wasn`t for the staff of the Phoenix clinic I don`t know where I would of been today and I am very Grateful for this place.

Thank you Phoenix.