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Spice – how to fight spice addiction?

Spice - consequences of spice smoking

The consequences of spice smoking. Spice (as condiment, seasoning) – is a type of smoking blend, containing synthetic substances, entheogens (plants containing psychotropic agents) as well as regular plants. In addition, spices contain a special substance JWH-018 (or synthetic cannabis). It has been proven that synthetic cannabis is 5 to 6 times more dangerous and […]

Attention – Tropicamide is a drug!

Tropicamide is a drug, Tropicamide intravenously

It’s no secret that today you can easily buy some medical drugs that are used for treatment from the pharmacy. After a wave of interest in a certain drug, they become blacklisted, get off the counter, and sold only with a prescription. Over time, new drugs arrive and the situation repeats itself over and over […]

Drug abuse hypnosis.

Drug abuse hypnosis

What is it Drug abuse hypnosis? Drug abuse hypnosis – is one of modern and popular methods of drug addiction treatment. To be a success at freedom from addiction it is important to be very careful and serious about choosing a clinic and treatment methods. Drug abuse hypnosis.


signs of drug abuse

Signs of drug abuse certain drugs, which mean what exactly happens to an addict as a result of using some drug or another. It’s needless to say that if you catch your child having syringes, needles, dill-looking green grass, etc. – or find traces of using those things such as marks of injections, – you […]

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