Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin is a drug that’s known for changing your life in the most negative way possible. It goes by many names, but is most commonly called tar or smack. On its own, it’s a highly addictive drug that can make you dependent after just a few hits.

Heroin is commonly mixed in with other drugs, such as cocaine and crack. Users who try these combinations put themselves at risk for even stronger addictions, health problems and even overdose. Treatment for heroin addiction is possible, though, and it can allow you to get your life back on track again.

Treatment Begins with Detox

Treatments for heroin addiction include both medications to help wean you off the drug and various therapies that focus on improving your coping and life skills. These are the successful combinations used at Phoenix Rehabilitation Center in Israel, where treatment for heroin addiction involves:

  • A physician who supervises your withdrawal prior to your heroin rehab to handle any side effects
  • One-on-one sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists that allow you to talk about any specific problems you’re experiencing
  • 12-step groups, which allow for meaningful discussion with others going through similar experiences
  • Groups that focus on various methods of therapy — such as art therapy, which allows you to express your emotions, and psychodrama, which allows you to act out and explain your feelings — under the guidance of a psychologist; this new treatment in heroin addiction helps you learn to live without the drug

The Side Effects Associated with Heroin

Heroin use leaves both short-term and long-term side effects. In the short term, the side effects are unpleasant at first, but disappear shortly after. These include nausea and vomiting. You may find yourself feeling itchy. As these symptoms fade, you feel the high, which leaves you sleepy and lightheaded. Your breathing and heart rate slow considerably. Even if you’re just starting the drug, the reduced breathing is enough to lead to brain damage.

Long-term side effects start showing up in your daily life. You may have problems making decisions, even when you aren’t high. You may not behave normally, especially when you’re craving the drug. Stress is difficult to overcome and manage, since you’ve become dependent on the drug to help you relax. It’s at this time that you can most benefit from heroin addiction treatment centers.

Help Your Loved Ones

If you’re living with a heroin addict or are close to someone in the grips of the disease, you may be able to intervene and get help from the best drug detox abroad. Negative side effects that your doctor, friends and family may witness include:

  • Dental problems, including loss of teeth and damaged gums from persistent use
  • Compromised immune system, making it easier to catch — and harder to fight — colds and the flu
  • Lack of appetite, while nutritional needs aren’t being met
  • Problems with kidneys and liver
  • Increased risk for all types of infections, especially for those who share needles
  • Increased risk of slipping into a coma
  • Death


Given the serious nature of addiction to this drug, it’s imperative that treatment at a top drug rehab clinic start as soon as possible. A treatment center that specializes in heroin rehab helps you deal with the withdrawal symptoms that come with the drug. Then they facilitate a recovery process that can provide long-term results.

Help from a Quality Rehab Center

When choosing to have treatment in one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Europe, you receive support while going through the many withdrawal side effects. From vomiting and anxiety to cravings, shaking and sweating, detox isn’t easy, but the knowledgeable and compassionate staff takes care of you as you battle your addiction.

A multi-pronged approach, using various therapies and techniques, is the new treatment for heroin addiction. Much of your rehab depends on how long you used the drug and how your body responds to withdrawal and treatment. Upon arriving, the main focus is to detox the drugs from your system. Once that’s completed under the watchful care of a doctor within the rehab center, you can begin treatments for heroin addiction. You learn to live a life without drugs. Some of the therapies you can choose to take part in include:

  • Individual therapy sessions. In private sessions with your therapist, you can discuss your feelings, such as depression or confusion, as you go through heroin addiction treatment. You learn valuable techniques to aid you in coping without drugs.
  • Group therapy sessions. Under the guidance of a heroin rehab counselor trained in substance abuse, you and other individuals who are undergoing therapy for addiction can share breakthroughs and find new motivations for staying drug-free. As you learn from their comments and stories, you find renewed reasons to maintain a clean lifestyle. New treatment for heroin addiction in heroin rehab centers includes activities such as art therapy and psychodrama exercises.
  • 12-step groups. Known worldwide as Narcotics Anonymous or NA, these groups all follow a similar guideline, rewarding you as you make your way up through the 12 steps to recovery. You’ll be with others going through the same issues, sharing your worries and revelations together as you work your recovery plan.


By taking a step toward commitment and recovery, you can get treatment in a respected facility known for helping addicts live clean and sober lives. By connecting with other individuals making the same choice, you find comradery and realize you are not alone. Remembering this lesson and living it day by day is one of the major battles of recovery, but thanks to qualified heroin rehab centers, it’s one you can win.