Reviews – Grateful Client

I was a person who had very little faith in myself. I knew the way I was living wasnt right. Phoenix Clinic showed me how to live life sober, & not just to deal with it, but be happy. The administration puts their heart & soul into every patient. They are very caring, respectful and understanding people. The group dynamie works very well. I felt open comfortable and knew I could be honest. They accepted me no matter what. They taught me how to feel, understand and listen. They teach people what they need to work on and how to do it. i learned very very much from my stay here. They gave me understanding towards life & my addiction. They guided me into becoming the person I’ve always wanted to become. This place introduced me to the NA program. It taught me that I am not alone in life and that help is always there. They got rid of my pain both inside and out, that I have been struggling with all of my life. I will be forever grateful to the extremely suportive staff. They gave me the tools that I needed to read a life of recovery & change. Long live Phoenix House!