Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C treatment in Israel

Phoenix Rehabilitation Center offers an innovative and effective Hepatitis C treatment in Israel. The center offers anyone who suffers from this disease to contact them.
As is known, the disease is caused by the penetration of virus into the blood. Infection can occur by blood transfusion, injections, sharing personal toiletries, sharing razors or toothbrushes.
Even a simple kiss with a person that has hepatitis C can transmit the virus, and of course, people who have unprotected sex is at risk of being infected.

Who is high risk for being infected hepatitis C?

1. Those who suffer from addiction to drugs and alcohol:
Drug and alcohol addiction not only affects mental health, like it sometimes common to think. The addictions effect on physical health, the most common and vulnerable organ that gets injured is the liver. According to statistics, about 90% of people who suffer from a drug and/or alcohol addiction, suffer also from various liver diseases and Hepatitis C in particular.
Sharing needles for injecting drugs is one of the most common ways to transfer the virus. Drug addicted is especially at high risk of being infected because of their weak immune system and the decrease in the activity of the body mechanism that disassembles toxic materials.

2. The health workers (doctors, nurses, etc.), In other words, those whose work is directly related to blood contact.

3. People that being treated in health institutions. Patients may also be at risk, for example, they can be infected by a blood transfusion, organ transplantation, and use of non-sterile medical devices.

4. There is a high infection risk among associates or friends of people addicted to drugs or alcohol that were infected with hepatitis C. Curing hepatitis C or another type of hepatitis is a long process that includes painful treatments. People with hepatitis should undergo a lot of tests, meet experts and wait in line for a long time, just to find out which programs and treatment methods can fit them.
After all of this, patients should receive a difficult decision: choosing their treatment method: A complex and painful method? Or one that relies on untested novel technology and promising easy and fast healing? Remember that it will be difficult to predict the consequences of those methods. Sometimes, people become tired and confused from the search for a cure and stop looking for ways of treatment.
Phoenix Rehabilitation Center offers an effective and high-quality treatment that would help anyone wishing to be cured, happy and healthy.
Phoenix Center has a Hepatitis C treatment:
– Without any pain
– No side effects.
Treatment duration ranged from 3 to 6 months (in severe cases, when there are several types of hepatitis and fibrosis).
Guaranteed efficiency – 97% of patients recovering from the disease.

Treatment of hepatitis in Israel: what is needed to start the treatment?
1. Results of genotype tests, cystic fibrosis, and viral load
2. Further treatment (accompanied by a representative of the center as soon as possible) – the patient will be examined by a gastroenterologist, who will determine the treatment plan that is the most appropriate and efficient to each patient. He will accompany the patient throughout the treatment period.

Anonymity, confidentiality, and comfort are guaranteed!

Citizens of foreign countries: You need to remain in Israel for up to 30 days!
Services provided by the company:
1. Regulation of the invitation to Israel and meeting the patients at the airport.
2. Arrange residence place for the patients and their families.
3. Taking care of health insurance and full medical diagnosis.
4. Personal guidance during visits to the doctor and arranging medical tests at the best clinic in the country.
5. After selecting a treatment plan – medical follow-up after the patient

Anonymity, confidentiality, and comfort are guaranteed!