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Treatment of compulsive gambling – ludomania

Treatment of compulsive gambling – ludomania.

Treatment of compulsive gamblingCompulsive gambling (ludomania, compulsive gambling, gambling) is a kind of psychological addiction.

It can be said that gambling addiction does not have any obvious physical symptoms, such as from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Many people look at gambling, cheating, or justifying ourselves that this helps to get rid of stress and the chance to improve their financial situation, without realizing they have become hostages of games, no longer paying attention to such consequences as the destruction of relationships, personal and social life.

Players deny the problem by hiding the gambling.

Love to slot machines, casinos and other forms of gambling is a serious psychological problem.

Even if a person does not play often, but regularly – this is the beginning of the disease. And if the need arises on a regular basis – it’s addiction.

The great mistake is the comparison of the ludomania with alcohol or drug dependence severity, as it has no striking manifestations of physical habits and physical addiction.

It is important to remember that to get rid of the physical “traction” a lot easier than from the psychological.

Treatment of gambling addiction is a difficult and lengthy process.

But recovery is possible, if we turn to the experts.

In the center of Phoenix various techniques are applied which aimed to the change of priorities in life, to get rid of desire to the game.

Under the guidance of experts of our center goal will be achieved – to complete the patient to get rid of compulsive gambling!

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