Meth Addiction Treatment

Methamphetamine, more commonly known simply as meth or crystal, is a stimulant that’s highly addictive and physically and mentally taxing. It carries many of the symptoms and consequences of other life-altering substance abuse problems such as heroin addiction and alcohol dependency.

Methamphetamine treatment requires a comprehensive approach, such as the kind of services you’ll find at the best drug rehab overseas — Phoenix Rehabilitation Center in Israel.  Crystal meth addiction treatment requires a full regimen of rehabilitative services that includes:

  • Managed withdrawal under the care of an experienced meth addiction treatment physician
  • Participation in therapeutic groups supervised by trained drug addiction counselors
  • Introduction to anonymous 12-step groups and other mutually supportive groups designed specifically for addicts
  • Private one-on-one sessions with a mental health professional or psychiatrist
  • Supervised support groups consisting of various activities that may rely on art therapy, psychodrama or basic psychology
  • Ongoing mental health therapy for relapse prevention

The Common Side Effects of Meth Addiction

In the short term, crystal meth addiction leads to a decreased appetite and an increase in energy: two side effects many people enjoy at first. The high is pleasurable, even euphoric, due to the exceptionally high dosage of dopamine it causes to be released in the brain.

But the side effects soon turn deadly, which is why it’s imperative addicts get the proper kind of methamphetamine treatment. Side effects that begin to appear after even a short period of meth use include:

  • Increased body temperature (hyperthermia)
  • Irregular and rapid heart rate
  • Elevated blood pressure


Convulsions can happen in the case of an overdose. Over longer periods of time — without crystal meth addiction treatment from a drug rehab with the highest success rate — meth addicts experience more serious side effects from their addiction that includes an extreme compulsion to use more. Consequences of continued meth use include:

  • Molecular and functional changes in brain activity
  • A higher tolerance that leads to a need for higher doses to get the same results
  • Difficulty achieving any pleasure from the drug
  • Disturbed moods and violent behavior
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Delusions and hallucinations
  • Severe tooth and gum decay
  • Stroke


And the repercussions can persist for years, even after receiving meth addiction treatment. A top drug rehab clinic approaches methamphetamine treatment, recovery and withdrawals with an approach that addresses all the side effects. Immediately after entering one of the best drug rehab centers in Europe, you’ll receive aggressive treatment for meth withdrawal symptoms that can include:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Confusion
  • Intense cravings

The Role of the Best International Rehab

A multi-pronged approach is best to effectively facilitate crystal meth addiction treatment. How long you’ve used meth on a daily basis determines how long the physical withdrawal continues. Once the extreme physical withdrawals subside, which can last as long as three days, then the best drug rehab abroad begins the important therapeutic work necessary for your long-term recovery.

There currently are no medications to help with methamphetamine withdrawal, so it’s critical that you find one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Europe to receive the appropriate addiction treatment. You’ll receive treatment that may include:

  • Cognitive Therapy. Talk therapy focuses on the idea that how you think affects how you feel. This is the basis for the therapeutic approach to drug addiction. Cognitive therapy targets the overwhelming depression that’s a common side effect of meth withdrawal. It’s a personal approach requiring extensive experience, and it’s a treatment option you’ll only find at the best drug rehab in Europe.
  • Supervised Group Therapy. Methamphetamine treatment that includes structured group sessions must be led by substance abuse counsellors with experience in crystal meth addiction treatment. The groups are intended to elicit a commitment to stay clean, provide constructive peer pressure and share inspirational stories. Properly conducted group therapy sessions serve as sources of information, a place to get constructive feedback and a platform for family involvement.
  • Personal Psychotherapy. While many of the signs and symptoms of meth addiction are similar, each person requires individual attention to address the underlying issues that may have precipitated the drug use. At the same time, one-on-one counselling is best used to begin an individual motivational program for each resident.
  • Anonymous Community Groups. A drug rehab with the highest success rate typically includes 12-step recovery programs among their meth addiction treatment techniques. Groups such as Narcotics Anonymous subscribe to the therapeutic value of one addict helping another as the primary source of it success.

Meth Addiction Treatment at One of the Best Rehab Clinics Abroad

Very often, it takes one to know one, which is why it’s vital that addicts new to rehab meet others in recovery. They see that recovery from methamphetamine treatment is not only possible, but also truly rewarding. Realizing that other residents relish their new lives, renewed relationships with their families and joyous demeanors is both inspiring and motivational for newcomers.

When you rely on the experts at one of the best rehab clinics around, you find yourself more relaxed because you’re away from the stressors of your daily life. You can enjoy the serenity that surrounds the facility and lies within the buildings and rooms of the best drug rehab in Europe. And you can finally find the peace and understanding that’s so important to newly recovering addicts — the kind of serenity you need to finally free yourself from the grip of the devastating disease of drug addiction.