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Spice – how to fight spice addiction?

Spice - consequences of spice smoking

The consequences of spice smoking.

Spice (as condiment, seasoning) – is a type of smoking blend, containing synthetic substances, entheogens (plants containing psychotropic agents) as well as regular plants.

In addition, spices contain a special substance JWH-018 (or synthetic cannabis). It has been proven that synthetic cannabis is 5 to 6 times more dangerous and damaging than natural one.

What are the consequences of smoking spices?

First of all, the use of smoking mixtures affects the human psyche and has the same effect as using strong narcotic substances.

The medical consequences of using SPICES include:

– Severe disorders such as depression, and suicidal attempts.

– Development of mental and physical dependencies, similar to other types of drugs: heroin, amphetamines, marijuana, etc.

– The defeat of crucial parts of the nerve system: memory loss, impaired intellectual abilities, and speech disturbance. Coordination and sleep patterns are also affected, and a loss of emotional control appears in sudden mood swings.

– decreased immunity, impotence (for boys) and hormonal disorders (for girls).

-the risk of developing diabetes, lung cancer, etc.

– the defeat of the cardiovascular system, which can result in poisoning from an overdose, or even death.

The socio-psychological consequences of the use of smoking mixtures (spice) include:

– the destruction of social ties such as the inability to communicate with friends and relatives.

– Inability to perform certain types of professional activity such as working, studying or even driving properly.

– communication with criminal circles, theft, a risk of involvement in drug trafficking and other similar crimes.

– the destruction of one’s personality: an attitude of indifference to themselves, their future and close people, weakening of the will, the loss of the meaning of life and constant feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

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