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Social worker about Phoenix house

phoenix house

The Phoenix House is a first grade facility located in a town near the beach, about 10 miles south from Tel Aviv.

The patients at the center enjoy high standards and qualified staff members.

Our first priority is to give the best treatment addressed to the drug abuse problem. From this purpose we have a full scale program that takes care about every aspects of conducting a healthy way of life: independent, productive and of course drug free.

All the staff members are trained and specialized in the field of drug rehabilitation: the psychiatrist, the group therapist, the instructors and the social workers.

The full program recommended last 6 months, in the spirit of NA and the 12 steps. This way we make sure that after treatment the patient can continue maintaining his or her progress anywhere they choose to live.

On the top of the therapeutic program and as a part of it, we daily basis: basketball, fitness corner and yoga. In their free time the patients enjoy playing billiards, soaking in the jacuzzi and watching TV. On the weekends they have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beach and travel the country.

After the program the patients may choose to stay in Israel. We have a halfway house for this purpose and we accompany them in the process of obtaining citizenship and finding a job.

Please feel free to contact us from further information.

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