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Gambling Addiction: one step from a Gambling Enthusiasm to a disease.

Gambling addiction

Gambling Addiction Treatment in Israel.

In the past the gambling addiction phenomenon was considered exotic by psychiatrists.  At this point it all has changed, first and foremost, for the reason of widely spread gambling machines and casinos. Addiction to gambling has become a significant problem, which causes suffering not only to the addict, but to his family, loved ones, in the end of the day – to the society itself as well.


Life of a compulsive gambler is a constant search of new money sources in order to satisfy the abnormal gambling cravings. All the other interests are put aside. Social connections are broken, families are ruined, crimes are committed… Fortunately, today there are ways and methods to treat gambling addiction (or as referred to by experts, ludomania). These methods are successfully applied at “Phoenix” rehabilitation center.


From Gambling Enthusiasm to Addiction.

The prospective gambling addict is motivated to gamble by monotony of the real life, by certain mental disturbance, sometimes even by sexual problems. Games make an addict a hero, a front-runner, which allows him to compensate for the failures of the real life.

During the next stage of addiction conscience conflicts subconscious.  The almost fully evolved gambling addict is still asking himself: “Should I play or not?”  At the same time it is extremely difficult for him to resist his craving for a gambling parlor.

During the final stage the addict totally loses the ability to control himself. The craving for gambling is insurmountable. None of the sensible reasons not to gamble stop the addict – not the lack of money, not the job troubles caused by addiction, not even family issues.

Once ludomania is evolved, the addict cannot fight it without professional help. Experts at “Phoenix” rehabilitation center are able to provide this help.


Behavioristic Characteristics of a Gambling Addict.

A gambling addict tends to depreciate his family and loved ones. He is often anxious, experiences lack of appetite and sleeping problems.

An addiction to gambling is usually concealed from family members, colleagues, and friends.  An addict is not concerned about career development, personal relationships, or raising children.

Have you noticed your loved one showing the above listed signs of behavior? Perhaps, it is high time you rang the alarm! Call ‘Phoenix’ rehabilitation center to get professional help.


Ludomania recovery is possible!

Our experts apply the most up-to-date treatment methods that have proved to be effective. During the treatment we successfully change addicts’ way of thinking. Pathologic processes on the mentality and physiological levels are stopped, and the abnormal crave for gambling is gone.


‘Phoenix’ rehabilitation center’ patients are supported by center’s specialists during the whole course of treatment, which is very important for success in fighting the addiction.  After undergoing a course of treatment at our clinic, the former gambling addicts are healthy and recovered, they come back to real life and no longer experience gambling addiction related problems.


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