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Addiction Rehab Center

Addiction Rehab Center

It’s highly unlikely that you decided to become a drug addict. There isn’t an academic program promoting it as a career choice. Addiction is a disease that has little to do with moral character, willpower or fortitude. Once you succumb to the condition, it’s almost impossible to overcome its grip without addiction rehab. 

At addiction rehabilitation centers, you’ll receive treatment from a staff who understands that the disease is a complex intertwining of physical, emotional and psychological factors. Non-addicts wonder why you don’t just say “no” or stop on your own. In fact, long-term drug and alcohol abuse changes the brain’s chemistry to the point that no matter how much you want to quit, you can’t, not without help from an addiction rehab center or one of many alcohol addiction rehab centers.

What Is Addiction Rehabilitation?

Addiction rehab at the best drug rehab overseas is both supportive and collaborative. You’re provided with:

  • Medical supervision while you detox
  • One-on-one counseling from trained substance abuse professionals
  • Supervised group counseling
  • A private, relaxing environment
  • Confidentiality and discretion
  • Transportation to the top drug rehab clinic from a medical facility in Israel or from the airport if you’re coming from out of town

You play a big role in your recovery as well. As part of your addiction rehab, you can expect to:

  • Follow your doctor’s medication suggestions
  • Open up to caring counselors about your past, your fears and your feelings
  • Participate in group therapy sessions
  • Go to outside 12-step meetings
  • Maintain confidentiality of other residents
  • Complete your treatment at the addiction rehab center

Addiction Recovery without Rehab

Recovery without addiction rehab centers is possible, although it can be dangerous in some circumstances. Detoxing from some substances — like alcohol or benzos — may be life-threatening, while other kinds of detox are very uncomfortable without medical supervision. At the best drug rehab in Europe, you’ll find support for detox from addiction to:

Once the drugs are out of your system completely, the odds of relapse increase exponentially without help from trained substance abuse professionals in addiction rehabilitation centers. Treatment isn’t easy, nor is it one-size-fits-all. It’s a baffling disease that carries with it, most notably, psychological components such as:

  • Denial
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Co-occurring mental illnesses
  • Aberrant social behaviors
  • Feelings of persecution and paranoia
  • Dysfunctional relationships

You must face all these and more. When you choose to join an addicts’ rehabilitation center, you discuss and work on these issues with others going through similar recoveries. Without that kind of rigorous support, you may falsely believe that you’re different, that you’ve got it all under control and that you can handle using drugs responsibly.

Addiction Programs for Youth

Addiction rehab for teens can be effective, especially when the family is actively involved in the ongoing recovery. The best international rehab provides teens with peer support that young people crave, as well as treatment programs geared to their emotional and psychological development stages.

Clinicians trained in treating teenagers can relate to their clients in addiction rehab centers. They discuss the most effective terms of treatment with all involved. The best options may range from 90 days to six months or longer. Supervision at addiction rehabilitation centers for youth increases the odds of a successful recovery.

Addiction Rehab for Veterans

Active military personnel and veterans aren’t immune to the ravages of drug and alcohol addiction. The unique and stressful situations that veterans find themselves in may account for some of the reasons they turn to substances for relief, but like their civilian peers, addiction may be genetic or due to the physical and mental components of the disease.

Veterans often face addiction to pain-relieving drugs such as oxycodone after being treated for war-related injuries. Vets face a culture of intolerance in the military and may not appear to be abusing substances until after they’re discharged. Like other drug addicts, it helps when other residents and staff members in alcohol addiction rehab centers and addiction rehabilitation centers also have a military background.

Addiction Treatment vs. Incarceration

Controversy continues around the efficacy of imprisoning drug addicts. While some insist that drug use and drug activities constitute criminal behavior and must be punished, others believe that rehabilitation in one of the best rehab clinics abroad provides society with more effective, long-term solutions.

In the United States, according to the National Drug Intelligence Center, the cost of drug-related crimes reached approximately US$193 billion per year, while the costs of treating addiction would cost closer to US$14.6 billion. And that includes time spent in addicts’ rehabilitation centers, health care costs and recovery aftercare.  As the debates continue worldwide, the drug rehab with the highest success rate  supports addiction rehab versus incarceration of addicts, especially those with a willingness to change.

Tools of Treatment

It’s important for every recovering person — whether you’re 16 or 60, active duty or retired military, professional, laborer or stay-at-home parent — that you deserve the same dignity and respect at the best drug detox abroad. In addition to the counselling and peer support at one of the best drug rehabilitation centers in Europe you receive the option to participate in:

  • Therapeutic massage, which is ideal for that initial stage  of your recovery when you may be experiencing an uncomfortable detox.
  • Psychodrama group therapy, which helps you overcome issues relating to other people. It can also get you to open up your deepest self to probe your feelings.
  • Art therapy, which helps you begin the process of exploring your inner thoughts and feelings in a creative way.

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