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Drug addiction treatment in Israel



It is a well-known fact, that drug addiction – is a very complicated disease, psychological in the first place, and it is impossible to treat it by simply removing withdrawal state.

It is very important to treat drug addiction using a complex approach, including different sides of addiction (physical, psychological, interpersonal, etc.)


Drug addiction treatment in israel

‘Phoenix’ drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center in Israel has been successfully treating addictions for many years now. Every patient is treated individually to maximize the result of drug addiction treatment in Israel.

It is vital to use a complex approach in addiction treatment, designed to revive all the spheres of life and activity of the person that had been affected or destroyed by using drugs.

Purpose of rehabilitation program in ‘Phoenix’ center:

  1. Realizing the addiction problem, its damage and consequences.
  2. Stabilizing and coming back to a life you can control.
  3. Creating yourself as a person: getting to know yourself, recognition of your character’s flaws, understanding and accepting of changes needed.
  4. Learning and recognition of revival 12 step measures.
  5. Training and integrating into society.


Aside from therapeutic, dynamic, psychological, and informational support groups headed by professional physical dependency counsels, during rehabilitation course we provide the following:


Group psychodramatic therapy sessions.

The purpose of Group psychodramatic therapy sessions supervised by professional art-therapy specialist is to create the most relaxed, theatrical, and sometimes playful atmosphere for the patient to reveal, touch important, moving moments that are so hard but so important to talk about and work on. It’s vital to learn to listen to ad hear others, be compassionate and self-expressive.

Group sessions. Art therapy.

The purpose of this part of therapeutic treatment is to help a patient express himself through painting, molding, or music.

Group sessions, cooperative or individual art works.

These sessions will help to not only express your individuality, but also will teach to collaborate with group partners and trust them, will train the skills of team work. The sessions will also help find your part in the team, your character, your skills, and personality features.

Individual sessions with psychologist.

The purpose of these sessions is to give a patient an opportunity to reveal and discuss the issues of his life and using dependency which are a bit hard for him to discuss in a group session, but which still need to be talked about. Meetings with psychiatrist will help you open up, trust, share and discuss your fears, emotional stress, and traumas.

The sessions will also train you to find ways and inner resources, cope with difficulties, make a decision, forgive and understand, and grow as a person.

Individual and group sessions with social psychologist.

The purpose of individual and group sessions with social psychologist is:

During all stages of rehabilitation, drug- abuse psychiatrist is supervising health and psychological condition of the patient after all the damage caused by drug abuse.

During all stages of rehabilitation, ‘Phoenix’ clinic experts are ready to provide support, explanations, and directions for families and loved ones of the patient taking or willing to take a treatment at ‘Phoenix’ rehabilitation center.

‘Phoenix’ drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation center in Israel guarantees total discretion. ‘


‘Phoenix’ drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation center in Israel – make yourself a gift of hope for Rebirth!