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Drug addiction is a very complicated disease, psychological in the first place, and it is impossible to treat it by simply removing withdrawal state. It is very important to treat drug addiction using a complex approach, including different sides of addiction (physical, psychological, interpersonal, etc). It is also very important to remember that an addiction treatment is not a result itself, but a process. With every new year of ‘clear life’, a life without drugs, it is so much easier for a person to fight the addiction, but it also requires a constant hard work on yourself, motivation support, and help from loved ones.

The experts at the Phoenix Rehabilitation Center use the most advanced methods to achieve qualitative results:


In order to teach patients to live without the constant “high” feeling, to overcome life’s difficulties “without a cure for stress,” Phoenix specialists apply the latest method of existential therapy, the world-famous program “12 STEPS”.

Our rehabilitation process offers our patients a residence in the rehabilitation hostel, where comfortable healing and living conditions are created. Each patient fitted an individual program of medical strengthening therapy and psychotherapy.


VIP rehabilitation in Israel:

We have a VIP rehabilitation area, a villa with a gym, a restroom, etc.

In our center, we apply the following drug addiction treatment methods:

If you are not an Israeli citizen but want to take a rehabilitation course in our clinic, all you need is:

  1. Willingness to change your life.
  2. Foreign traveling passport.
  3. Plane tickets.
  4. Health insurance for traveling abroad. This will secure You and your wallet in case of emergency.
  5. Medical report on your overall health condition.
  6. Invitation from ‘Phoenix’ addiction treatment center, it is desirable to have 2 copies with you. You might be asked to show this document when you cross the border.
  7. Necessary personals.


We`ll take care of you:


Our team does everything it can so that anyone who asks for help will receive it and will be able to get rid of his addiction, find a purpose for his life, return to his family and function properly in society. Years of experience give us results – over 90% of our patients recover from drug or alcohol addiction and resume a normal life.


For more information about the treatment plan, arrival or residence, contact the Center’s representatives at the number listed or on the “Contact Us” button.

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