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Реабилитация от наркотиков отзывы: Amanda Znukovksy

Лечение наркомании в Израиле. Реабилитация в Израиле

Лечение наркомании в Израиле. Реабилитация в Израиле

This place has saved my life, the instructors and administration pair their heart and soul into every patient here. I am very grateful for everything I learned while being here. This house has given me a second chance at life and has tought me that I can live and enjoy life without the use of drugs and for that I will forever be grateful and appreciative. I doubt that in any other rehab that anybody tries to fight for your life like they do here. Everywhere else all you are is just another patient. I had the complete opposite perception or should I say Illusion of life when I got here and not only did this place help me but the atmosphere feels like home any time you are in a bad state of mind there is always somebody who is more than willing to listen to you and understand your concerns we enough to give you the right advice.

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