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Support groups for families with addicts

SUPPORT GROUPS FOR fAMILIES WITH ADDICTSSupport groups for families with addicts

Today, more and more families face with the need to seek clarification and information on addiction as a disease, how it manifests itself, its symptoms, and what one can do to help a person one loves, who suffers from such a disease.

Increasingly, the staff of out center receives calls from families and close ones of the addicts, asking for help.

We understand that the lack of information not only keeps the families in awe and in the dark, but it also makes them suffer more and more from the inevitable mistakes and failures in communication with the addicted person they love.

Failure to understand how to help and how to behave can lead to irreversible consequences.

One telephone call is not enough. What is needed is a continuous professional help.

Weekly support group for families with addicts *Al Anon*!

This is why our center Fenix has made a decision to create a weekly support group for families with addicts *Al Anon*, which includes:

  1. 12 steps for co-dependents program.
  2. Information groups on addiction and co-dependence topics.
  3. Therapeutic help groups.
  4. Seminars.
  5. Speaker’s corner.
  6. Family education.

And many other informational, educational and therapeutic groups.

We are ready to give professional and free support to all families and close ones of the addicted people to return to a quiet, safe and emotionally healthy life without any trace of fear.

We will be glad to meet you!

Every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. at: Rishon le Zion Street. Darbella 4b

Call us: 054-8659590, 052-8437690

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