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How to detect that a teenager is using a smoking blends?

using a smoking blend

Since drug abuse is usually common amongst teenagers and young people, there is a special responsibility on their parents.  It is possible to detect your child being under influence by standard symptoms.

External characteristics of using a smoking blend by a teenager: presence of foil or plastic bags containing a greenish, greenish yellow, greenish brown color substance, there might be some different drawings or inscriptions on the bags. If you see a bag with bright label on it among your child’s belongings, pay close attention to it.


Medical characteristics of using a smoking blend by a teenager: extremely narrowed or dilated pupils, loss of control over behavior (disinhibition, hyperactivity) or emotions, mood swings, lack of coordination of muscle movements, pace of speech abnormality, a possibility of visual and auditory sense alteration (hallucinations).

If all of these signs are present but there’s no obvious smell of alcohol, – the teenager is under influence of a drug. It is useless to interact with him while he’s under the influence – the reaction can be inadequate or even violent and lead to bad consequences.

What is to be done if you noticed your child having signs of using a smoking blend? First of all, don’t start interrogating a child about them, or don’t even ask ‘what is he on’ – this can only cause more interest in a dangerous drug.

The thing to do is to carefully watch the teenager, observe his physical state, and mood.

Don’t be discouraged if your child’s health and mood situation indicated a long-term use of smoking blends, because there are a lot of ways to bring him back to the society:

  • Support your child – it is vitally important to him, no matter what the circumstances are.
  • Show and tell him that you do love him and ready and willing to help.
  • Be sure to contact experts to provide help for your child and yourself.

The timely intervention of an adult is important because children tend to live in ‘here and now’ aspect, without much consideration about the future.

It is you who’s supposed to think about the future!

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