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What is Meth? How to Treat Meth Addiction and Be in Control Once More

WAccording to a 2017 survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, meth use in the United States involved roughly 1.6 million people annually. Of that number, 774,000 reported using meth in the three months prior to the survey. Around 964,000 people aged 12 or older had some sort of diagnosed meth abuse disorder. […]

What is Marijuana? Am I Addicted to Cannabis?

The debate over marijuana use is ongoing. Is it a gateway drug that paves the way for other drug use? Should it be legalized for recreational use or only allowed for medicinal purposes? Is it addictive? What can be done if a person finds he or she is unable to function without some type of […]

Codependency Addiction: Disease Stages and Recovery

Codependency happens when one person engages in unhealthy behavior and another person enables those habits. Researchers have found multiple links between codependency and addiction, as one or both people in a codependent relationship might fall into substance abuse. In many situations, somebody might find themselves falling into a codependent relationship without realizing it. Only when […]

Early Intervention Can Save Lives!

Alcohol is responsible for one in every 20 deaths in the world every year, making it one of the most lethal preventable causes of death. If you fear that a friend or loved one may have trouble with alcohol addiction, your early intervention could save that person’s life. Talking about an alcohol problem is never […]

Am I An Alcoholic? Information and Signs of Signs of Alcoholism That You Should Know

AAccording to a 2017 survey conducted by the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC), one in every 8 adults in the United States meets the clinical criteria for alcoholism. The study also indicates that the incidence of alcoholism increased by 49% over figures that held away during the first decade of the […]

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